Yoga retreats & classes

Bénédicte Péroz.

Bénédicte Péroz

Short presentation:
Everything starts in India, at the foot of the Himalaya, where, for the first time, Benedict touches the yoga essence with a Vipassana retreat. This is the beginning of an initiatory trip, where she follows her first Ashtanga teacher training. Convinced by the yoga benefits in her everyday life, she completes her formation with passion close to big yogi masters such as Faeq Biria (Iyengar Yoga in Paris), Olop Arpipi and Kathy Cook in Bali, Godefrey Devreux (Dynamic yoga). Yoga is in this way becoming a true philosophy, an everyday art of living: source of exchange and meeting.

My style:
Iyengar definitely, with heart opening Anusara.

My gurus:
Teachers who inspire me: Christian Pisano, Godfrey Devereux, Mooji , Alexandre Onfroy, Faec Biria, Rose Cappagli.

My best Yoga memory:
My meeting with Godfrey Devereux who fix me in my everyday practice and release me of all my certitudes... Freedom of the instant feeling, back to intuition. And all of my practice with Alex Onflroy and Christian Pisano, just the pleasure to feel that I was at the right place, at right time.

My Yoga Searcher look:
Turya bra, Béné tank top of course ! Nadi or Asana leggings, (Only wear these two for my practice) and cobra sweatshirt for the look!.

Charlotte Saint-Jean.

Charlotte Saint-Jean

Type de yoga:
Prana   Flow,   Hatha,   Yin, Para,Hormone, restorative or dynamic .... Depending on the energy of the group, the mood of the day & the environment we find ourselves in.

Val d’Isère, Paris, Brussels, Bordeaux – there where the yoga path takes me.

Lokha Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu.

In addition:
Unemployed?   Not   me   –   creator   &director   of   the   first   French   online   yoga   site yogachezmoi, writer for the Yoga Journal France,creator   of   the   Yoga   Festival   Val   d’Isère   &   Co-Créatrice of the Women’s Spirit Festival – I teach retreats,   workshops,   classes   &   teacher   training sessions.

Yogic inspiration:
Shiva Rea, Elena Brower,Rod Stryker.

#shinebright #livelovelight #positive.



Flora Brajot.

Flora Brajot

Short presentation:
Native from Bordeaux, I’m still attached to my roots and follow aspirations of my heart by teaching yoga around the world, from New York to Thailand, via Istanbul.

Ashtanga teacher (Level 2 authorized by KPJAYI Mysore), assiduous yogini in love with India, active businesswoman and globetrotter, I joined Yoga Searcher team in May 2014 where I teach classes of Ashtanga and Mysore Style during summer.

For many years, I spend at least 6 months per year in Mysore, where I continue to work on my practise at the Institute of K. Pattabhi Jois and where I meet with yogis from around the world at my coffee and my Guest House in Mysore (Anokhi Garden).

My Yoga:

My gurus:
Pattabhi Jois, R. Sharath Jois, Maty Ezraty, Rolf Naujokat.

My best Yoga memory:
My best yoga Memory: There are only good memories of yoga.. fullness and harmony of the moment ... when the fluctuations of the mind stop: at one time or another. Every day on my yoga mat or off my yoga matt !.

My Yoga Searcher look:
Nadi grey, Mamuni piment and Swami grey.

Audrey Bauméa.

Audrey Bauméa

Short presentation:
I’m 33, discovered yoga many years ago but really practicing since 5 years. Starting in NYC during a long stay where I was amazed by the energy that surrounded the classes, the enthusiastic teachers, the cool practice open to everyone.

My style: Vinyasa flow, upside down practice and arm balance and chanting mantras.

My gurus: Bryce YOGA, Chris Chavez, Mathieu Boldron, Tiffany Cruiskank, Ajay Kumar, so many others...

My best Yoga memory:
Each time I m leaving my mat High On Yoga.

My Yoga Searcher look:
bra Kosha sand and black and sand atma leggings.

Maricha Dumont.

Maricha Dumont

Short presentation:
Happy world traveler, enthusiastic planet lover, dedicated teacher, student, sister & yogini. Coming from an Artistic Dance background, that I practice at a professional level for more than ten years, I met yoga in India where I lived 4 years to learn it, every year I go back to deepen my practice and to keep on trying to understand the subtilities of it.

I teach Asanas (postures) in an Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Yin style, as I consider Yoga as a lifestyle and not only a physical practice, I also practice and teach Pranayama (Breathing), Meditation and Nutrition (Vegan plant based Diet).

My style:
Yoga Everywhere and Anytime. Whatever form it takes, my style can be different everyday. Even if coming from a dance background makes me appreciate the dynamic and athletic styles (Ashtanga, Vinyasa) because it helps me to experience my body, breathe and mind, I need to practice Yin to balance.

My gurus:
Every day life situations, Nature.

My best Yoga memory:
The first time I experienced a Mysore Sytle practice. It was in India in a wonderful Shala close to the Ganges. When I arrived people where already moving in the darkness of a 5am light, without any sound but their Ujayi breaths. That was stunning, and being a part of this was incredibly powerful. The fullness I felt that day during my practice, transformed myself and my life.

My Yoga Searcher look:
Atma Leggings, comfortable, simple and elegant. The soft and great Turya bras, and the Chakra top. I'm still dreaming of the Supta jacket !.



Paola Costa.

Paola Costa

Short presentation:
After law and business studies, and working many years in the health marketing, I decided to quit the stressful environment of the business world to live of Yoga, my passion, that I have already been practicing for a while. Certified in Ashtanga, and then, Vinyasa, I like to dispense my class in music, in a continuous flow, focus on breathe. What matters to me is that my pupills go out of my Yoga Class feeling calm, pacify and boosted.

My way to achieve it: The intensity is based on the audience, I adapt the asanas to each person, and I invite them to take a moment to refocus on themselves. Passionate about anatomy, I am looking to understand how our body moves and progress into the pose. I am also specialized in prenatal Yoga, because, well guided and listened, every pregnant women can enjoy the benefits of these practice.

My style:
Vinyasa Yoga in music, but also ashtanga and prenatal.

My gurus:
From my Ashtanga period I have to mention Pattabhi Jois ! After, I said that my gurus are all the teachers who inspire me, but the guru who guide my actions is still my intuition that I can trust eyes closed !.

My best Yoga memory:
The sunrise morning practice with my lover in Bali.

My Yoga Searcher look:
Bamboo Baba leggings in purple or grey, beacause i have both, very comfortable and soft, and Rajas tee-shirt because I don’t like skin-tight top.


Anouk Vinet.

Anouk Vinet

Short presentation:
Yoga teacher in Paris for 7 years, I have had the chance to meet several yoga masters over my trips, enriching my practice and my knowledge. Yoga Alliance certified in Ashtanga yoga, I also practice climbing in natural environment and recently surf in Hawaii, I found my balance between the body, the spirit and spirituality.

My Yoga:
Ashtanga yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Iyengar, Hatha yoga and Pralaya yoga.

My gurus:
My professors Norman Allen, Belda Sisso, Robert Boustany, Yuko Harmegnies but also any person passionate and fascinating as Paolo Coelho, Sebastiao Salgado, Anouar Brahem...

My best Yoga memory:
Summer 2014 in Hawaii with Norman Allen – a legend of Ashtanga – Norman defining what the work of a yoga professor is “Aim to get the sparkle into your students eyes. When you see that little glow, it means you have succeeded”.

My Yoga Searcher look:
A Sun top, a Balasana bra and Asana leggings! .



Julia Truffaut.

Julia Truffaut

Short presentation:
It’s after a comedian school at the Ecole Internationale Jacques Lecoq, and a few years of practicing ballet, that I have discovered yoga in 2008 with Elena Brower when I was living in New York. Back in Paris, I continued my yoga practice and saw a desire to share my experience on Yoga and the wellness around this practice.

I love learning and yoga is an endless source of lesson. I am, before anything else, a student who keeps on learning every single day.

My mission is to guide my students in the evolution of their own yoga practice, to help them to listen themselves, to listen their interior peace, but also their strength to breath better. On the top of that, all the benefits from yoga practice are spread in our everyday life.

My style:
Aligned, smooth, soft and dynamic.

My gurus:
My daughter, who teaches me everyday to live in the present moment and let go. My teachers Marc Holzman, Anne Vandewelle and Elena Brower.

My best Yoga memory:
Hard to chose ! Yoga allows me to meet magic people who will be in my life forever.

My Yoga Searcher look:
Ashram bra and Asana legging.

Emma Champion.

Emma Champion

Short presentation: 
I am 22 years old and currently in apprenticeship to become yoga teacher. After my studies, I went for a 6 months round-the-world trip. Discovering new cultures, new languages, new ways of thinking, but also a wonderful self discovery... What an amazing way to open up the spirit!.

One single obsession, the irresistible desire to practice yoga in all of those countries, discover their teaching methods, observe them, learn, but always being entertained and appeased. In September 2015, I started my yoga teacher’s training in Bayonne, France, certified by professional qualification ISQ-OPQF, and in a year time I will be ready!.

Meanwhile, I appreciate every single moment of this great adventure!.

My Yoga: 
I practice Atha yoga as well as Vinyasa.

My gurus:

My mother who guided me towards the path of spirituality and wisdom!.

My yoga instructor, Caroline who gave me the desire to teach!.

Thich nhat hanh, who helps me understand and channel my emotions, through his books. .

My best Yoga memory: 
To be honest, I have many of them, all dated in the past 6 months, but if I have to choose one, it would be my first yoga lesson in Bali.

Total immersion in a quiet and serene universe, on my left side is the jungle, on my right side is the sea, a slight breeze on my skin, the smell of nature, a positive energy in the room, my breathing is in total harmony with my practice, I am calm and focused, nothing could distract me, a smile on my lips, I enjoy every second.

My Yoga Searcher look:
Ebene Amrit shorts and orange Turya bra.
Simple and confortable.

Laure Bouys.

Laure Bouys

Short presentation:
I discovered yoga while living in Los Angeles in 2008. At the beginning I was more interested in the « working out » aspect of the practice, but today it is much more than that and this is why I created YOGA Connect. Yoga has become a real philosophy of life, that I try to apply in my everyday decisions, and choosing the right clothes has to be part of it ;).

My style:
I practice different kinds of yoga: vinyasa, ashtanga, hatha, yin, yoga nidra, meditation, ... It depends on the mood I am in, on what my body needs. I also love discovering new teachers and new practices: it is part of my job (how lucky !).

My gurus:
They are my yoga teachers « of the moment » but also my family and friends !.

My best Yoga memory:
With my mother in Tuscany on a yoga retreat: a great moment of sharing with beautiful energies.

My Yoga Searcher look:
The Atma legging (I love every color) with the Hatha bra.



Anne Vanderwalle.

Anne Vanderwalle

Short presentation
With the practice of yoga, meditation & ayurveda Anne has discovered a complete system that puts us in touch with ourselves and in tune with the environment that surrounds us to live in a more harmonious way. Over the last twenty years, her yoga mat and her meditation cushion have been spaces of profound transformation both as a teacher and as a student, and she enthusiastically shares her experience with others to support their own evolution physically, mentally, spiritually. She brings with her a generous and benevolent presence that guides the students towards a serene meeting, confident, with themselves, their body, their breath and their mind. .


Over the years she has had the opportunity to study with enthusiasm, many renowned and respected professors and scholars who have handed her riches of yoga, meditation and ayurveda generously. She is especially grateful to have had the chance to receive the teachings of Elena Brower, Krishna Das, Sally Kempton, Carlos Pomeda, Sianna Sherman, John Friend, Sharon Salzberg, Tara Judelle, Chris Chavez, Douglas Brooks, Cate Stillman and Andrea Boni.   .

Her personal approach reflects all the experiences that these teachings have brought into her life, and they are expressed in her courses in a joyful and enthusiastic manner. It offers on the mat yoga a space where everyone is invited to explore its practice as a territory of experimentation and transformation that helps open new paths, integrate new information and raise its vibration.   .

Anne is an experienced teacher who has taught for fifteen years in various studios in Paris, where she lives most of the year. In parallel, her taste for travels regularly leads her to teach in the provinces and abroad where she animates workshops and retreats. She also enjoys collective projects which are an invaluable source of inspiration for her and broaden the scope of her teaching. .

From this taste of collaboration Guerilla Yogi Paris was born in 2010,  in collaboration with Marc Holzman. A community class that meets on Saturdays a large number of Parisian yogis and expatriates to the American Church. Apart from that she also co-founded European Yogi Nomads in 2011, on the original idea of a cross-border project bringing together yogis from all walks of life in various parts of Europe for a weekend of meetings around yoga. For 5 years the Nomads have crossed more than 15 cities and gathered thousands of practitioners and the adventure continues. .

Anne is certified in Sivananda Yoga & Anusara Yoga // Yoga Alliance ERYT 500 .

She has undergone further training in Therapeutic Yoga and Ayurveda.

#sacredspace #loveyourselfmore #sharedhumanity.



Viola Schatzschneider.

Viola Schatzschneider

Yoga style: Vinyasa Yoga, Gentle Yoga and Hatha Yoga.

Where? Paris and Munich.

Mantra: „Trust in life and you will see“.

Work:  Regional sales development for Yoga Searcher.

Yoga Inspiration:  Osho, Mooji, Patrick Broome, Tanya Popovich and Jonni-Lyn Friel.

Instagram: yoga_for_everybody...


Julien Levy Kalya.

Julien Levy Kalya

Type of yoga:
AcroYoga, Yoga Vinyasa, Thai Yoga Massage, Budo Yoga (yoga and martial arts fusion)..

Switzerland, Haute-Savoie (France), workshops and retreats all around Swiss and France..

« Om Gan Ganapataye Namaha » ; « Maha Lakshmi Namostute ».

In addition:
Artist yogi (Jiven Nithaya for the music, JLK for the painting), contributor to yogic press, author, team member of the website Yoga Chez Moi, therapist, yoga and AcroYoga teacher, dad, husband... So many revealed facets, shaped, refined by one and the same jewel: yoga. Otherwise, I like walking on hands, playing ukulele, learning surf and spining a pen on my fingers when I reflect.

Yogic inspirations:
Patanjali (Yoga Sutras), Pattabhi Jois (Ashtanga), B.K.S. Iyengar, Jason Nemer (AcroYoga), Shiva Rea (Prana Flow), Duncan Wong (Yogic Arts), Asokananda (Thai Yoga Massage).



Charlotte Sigwalt.

Charlotte Sigwalt

Type de Yoga enseigné:
Prana Flow, Hatha Flow, Vini Yoga, Yin Yoga, Yoga au Féminin.

Marche et Yoga.

Annecy, Studio Yoga Searcher Annecy. En montagne, dans les Alpes pour les sorties ‘Marche et Yoga’ Retraites et stages: Venosc (38), Alpes Françaises. Paradis Plage, Agadir Maroc.... Festivals: Val d’Isère, Chamonix....

Be Yourself. Everyone else is already taken.

Des plus:
Moon Mother: Bénédiction Mondiale de l’Utérus / International Womb Blessing.Conseillère en contraceptions alternatives, Symptothermie Moderne. Accompagnatrice en Montagne, sorties et séjours ‘Marche et Yoga’ dans les Alpes. Ateliers et cercles de paroles pour les femmes sur la sexualité féminine, le cycle féminin, les lunes rouges, la continence des lunes, l’utérus, le périnée féminin ...

Inspirations yogiques:
Yogani, Simon Park, Shiva Rea, Biff Mithoefer, Bernie Clark, Claude Maréchal.



Adèle Weiss.

Adèle Weiss

Type de Yoga enseigné:
Vinyasa Krama, Alignement, Flow, Kundalini Yoga & Yoga kids.

Paris, Lyon, Deauville, le Sud & ailleurs. Je suis une yoginie nomade et j'enseigne où mon chemin de vie me porte ;).

"Be the Light, travel Light, spread the Light " yogi Bhajan.

Des plus:
Je combine mon savoir-faire dans la communication & l'événementiel (mon ancien métier) & ma passion du yoga pour proposer des voyages bien-être. Le prochain aura lieu à Essaouira en avril ;-).

Inspirations yogiques:
Maryam Askari (Iyengar Yoga) qui a su en tout premier me transmettre son goût pour le challenge et l'alignement dans les postures. Baptiste Marceau pour son enseignement originel de l'Ashtanga yoga & sa transmission du yoga comme Art de vivre. Kia Miller & Erica Jago pour leur énergie lumineuse et un exemple qu'il est possible d'enseigner le Kundalini Yoga & le Vinyasa yoga, sans devoir choisir une approche plutôt qu'une autre ;-).

#lovelife #flow #satnam.



Caroline Bénézet.

Maud Dreyer

Yoga style:
Hatha yoga, Yin Yoga, Yogatherapy, prenatal yoga.

Annecy, Paris, and abroad.

A beautiful tool to make peace grow into our world. The Gayatri mantra : the eldest prayer of humanity. .

I like to adapt my practice to the group, to a special need, to the season or to the energy that radiates of a group when I walk into the studio. Yoga is a practice to align with your soul and let your true nature emerge to embody it. However intense, fast, or dense is the practice, it has to lead us to what’s essential in us, to teach us to love ourselves for who we are, to fulfill ourselves.

Life, that always brings to me the experiences and people which make me grow.
Nature, that brings me back to the essential if ever I loose track.
My great teacher Michelle Jacobi, whom I admire because she always tries to incarnate, with humility and simplicity, the values of yoga she transmits.

My inner guide:
My best ally when I can quiet my mind enought to let its voice rise.



Agnès Cassonnet

Agnès Cassonnet

Short presentation:
I turned 50 this year. Time goes faster as we age but it also fills us with great memories and people. I am very lucky to be aging and to be aging well thanks to yoga which came to knock on the door of 10 years of living in Asia.

It all started when I was a toddler, I was fascinated by the human body, I was very curious to know more about it so I read books, watched movies... Then I became a nurse: the operating room, sterile spaces, humanitarian work... I got very close to it so I could understand better its wonderful mechanic.

Styles of yoga taught:
Hatha, Vinyasa, morning yoga, Yin, it all depends on the energy, the space, the general feeling of the room....

Singapore, Bali, Biarritz, Bordeaux – my mat follows me in my adventures and my encounterings.

My Gurus:
I don’t really have any. Of course, some people inspire me, that’s inevitable... I draw that inspiration more from the people that I meet, my team at the studio that I just created a few months ago in Bordeaux: Yoga With You, but also in my travels, my retreats... .

My plus:
I’m the Founder of  Yoga With You in Bordeaux, partner of the association Yonus that helps children integrate in cities through various activities like Yoga. I also run yoga retreats in the South West of France... but that’s just a start really... we also have projects to take people further away in some more tropical locations....

One person you want to thank:
David, my husband, without him, nothing would have happened.

My most beautiful Yoga moment:
My first yoga class in my studio: WOW! I was very tired after putting this whole project together but I also was very proud.

My yoga searcher look:
The Bindu pants. I think it’s very much my style and suits me well. I love to ass the STUPA vest and the KARANI Tshirst in which I can hide my fingers when it gets a bit chilly.



Ola Jas

Ola Jas

Type of yoga teaching:
Vinyasa Flow, Hatha Yoga, Acroyoga.


Paris, Ibiza, Goa and the rest of the world according to current inspirations...


This special version of Mere Gurudev by Manu & Mina:

In addition:

Body consciousness overall is a bounding exploration I research through the Yoga. I play therefore with textures, qualities and the power of imagination as an addition to technical traditional teaching.

I am passionate about improvisation, to play with the circumstances, the moment, surprises and bring elegance to the gesture, with a meaningful intention, arising the senses, awakening the soul and creativity.

Movement becomes then poetry.

"Everything begins with an inner smile".

I like playing with the improper, the surprise, a stalk of mockery, the elegance of the gesture(movement), the power of the intention, the awakening of the senses, the moods, the creativity...
The movement becomes then poetry.

Yoga inspiration:

Nature, the Wild, Animals, the Divine& Love. .

“Everything begins with an inner smile”.



Rebecca Leffler.

Rebecca Leffler

Location: Paris .

Mantra: “CALMFIDENCE” (If you’re CALM and CONFIDENT, anything is possible - true story!) .

About me: I’m the author of wellness books  GREEN GLAM & GOURMANDE and GREEN GLAM & HAPPY (France) and TRES GREEN, TRES CLEAN, TRES CHIC (USA). I went from “le tapis rouge” / the red carpet as the France Correspondent of The Hollywood Reporter and Film Critic on Canal+ to “le tapis de yoga” aka the yoga mat. My aim is that more people will feel better in the skin they’re in by finding balance between pleasure, gourmandise and a healthy life. My approach to yoga is similar to my approach to cooking: we’re all different so we need to adapt our styles of yoga, fitness and meditation to our own needs and also depending on the season. We need to listen to our bodies and of course - and most importantly - HAVE FUN!.

Yoga inspiration: YOU !.

#greenglamgourmande #greenglamhappy #betoiself.




Julie Atie 

Yoga style teaching: Hatha, Vinyasa and Restorative. Future training would be Ashtanga Teacher Training at Ashtanga Yoga Paris on Summer 2017.

Places of Teaching experience: New York, Jakarta and Paris
Life motto: Il faut regarder toute la vie avec des yeux d’enfants - Matisse .

Other things about me: I’m Indonesian. I have moved country to country and Yoga helps me to ground and embrace the change. I moved from Jakarta, Tokyo, New York and finally Paris. I have practiced Yoga since 2006 and recently practice Ashtanga. Check my facebook page: Jivati Yoga for my classes and more personal life and yoga practice to my .

Yoga inspiration: Kino MacGregor, Linda Munro, Sri Dharma Mittra and Maty Ezraty .