Retraites et cours de Yoga



Trying out new things can sometimes be challenging and intimidating, especially when it’s something we’re not familiar with. But when it comes to Yoga, leave all those fears and worries aside.


First things first, you should thank and be proud of yourself for making it this far. The mere fact that you built up the courage to make it to yoga class is an accomplishment on its own.


When it comes to first time yogi’s/ yogini’s there are a few things to keep in mind that can help you make the experience all the more pleasant. Here are 5 simple tips to get you prepared for your yoga journey.


1/ Dressing Comfortably:

“Dress to impress” is not something you should be thinking of at all here. Nor are you obliged to be in the latest high-tech gear to be able to perform yoga. All you need is comfortable and light clothes, ones that you can move freely in. Also, yoga is an art practiced barefoot, so make sure to leave your shoes at the door once you go arrive. Perform


2/ Your Yoga Mat:

As a beginner, you and your yoga mat still haven’t had that special bond yet. But once yoga is a part of your daily habit, a mat becomes your mate, an extension to your body. One that makes your every move and pose all the more enjoyable. From MANDUKA to BAYA you’ve got plenty of options to choose from. But for your first few times you’re still getting to know the art of practicing yoga and you need not to worry about the mat. Most yoga studios provide mats for the students.


3/ Yoga equipment:

Now if you’ll be renting or using one of the mats from the studio then mat towels, which are lighter and more absorbent than normal towels, can work best for you. These towels are placed on top of the yoga mats to help firm your grip if you start to get sweaty and also hygienic shields since the mat is used by plenty of other students.


If you’re a person that sweats a lot, then getting a small towel to dry off and keep you refreshed would also make you feel more at ease.


Depending on the type of yoga class you’re taking, blocks that are used as body extensions, straps that are used to assist you in certain stretches, and blankets that are used at the end during Savasana, or resting pose, are all provided or could be rented from the studio.


4/ Difficult Pose, No Worries:

During the yoga practice, you might face some poses or fixed positions that might seem challenging or even impossible. If that is case and you feel that you won’t be able to perform those postures, then there is no shame is sitting this one out. Here you are in a Judgment-free zone, so if you feel that its best for you to skip on a certain pose, then go to your resting pose and continue with the rest of the class afterwards.


5/ Safe Zone…Quite Zone

When in yoga it is a major faux pas to be talking during your practice. Nor is it allowed to be on your phone. You’re in a place where the virtual world can’t take place, here your main point is to focus on your ZEN, your inner peace and letting go of all the hustle and bustle of daily life. So, texting, Snapping, Instagraming, etc., are frowned upon. All you need is your body, mind and soul to go through this wonderful experience.


Yoga is a magical experience, and once you get accustomed to it not only does it become a part of your daily life, but it becomes an addiction. For that every time you go to yoga, have an aim and goal in your mind and try and dedicate your practice to something that means a lot to you. And always remember to thank yourself for coming to yoga and allowing yourself this amazing experience.