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  • This soothing massage and beauty treatment elixir nourishes, repairs and enhances skin & hair, thanks to its special formula containing eight magic oils. It gets to work immediately, penetrating the skin quickly to leave it soft and supple. Its silky texture makes it a perfect massage treatment, and its delicious perfume will guide you into your yoga...

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  • This light and refreshing micellar water mist cleanses your skin and reinvigorates you after a draining yoga session. Enriched with extracts of Aloe Vera and citrus fruits, it moisturises, refreshes and revitalises skin, leaving it smooth, clean and delicately perfumed.

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  • The special formula containing 8 magical ingredients…This cold cream balm is the essential anytime treatment for any Yogi wanting to look after their skin. It soothes, repairs and protects parts of the skin that are dry, irritated or cracked. 

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